It's your job to rewrite the stars! Stars Align is a puzzle game that combines the core concepts of a sokoban game and a laser puzzle to make a one-of-a-kind experience with 50+ levels!

Use the boxes to build a constellation, and head to the flag once all the stars align! Just make sure you dont block your way with those lasers...

Along the way you'll encounter different boxes that give you new ways to form constellations, and it's up to you to learn how these boxes work and how they can help you get the job done!

This is an in-development project. Every level is unlocked by default so in case something happens you can skip to whichever level you like. They each are labelled with a letter or set of letters to indicate what certain gimmicks they contain. In some of the latter puzzles there are a couple ideas that I have yet to fully explore with more puzzles, but I plan on remedying that. Any and all feedback along the way is welcome and greatly appreciated!

All updates in regards to a newer, fuller version can be found here:

Current game version: v1.5. See below

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsIndie, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript, Retro, Sokoban, Space, Top-Down, Turn-based
Average sessionA few hours


Stars Align v1.5 456 kB
Stars Align v1.4 456 kB
Stars Align v1.3 456 kB
Stars Align v1.2 456 kB

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your game is good

Stars Align Walkthrough


thank you.

Walkthrough for Stars Align

Got stuck on Zigzag, but had fun.

Got there finally. Ironic that the next level tells me that it's okay to skip it because it's super hard.

And completed the currently available levels. I like it!

Had an idea for a block, free to use if you wish: A mirror that reflects the 'connecting beam' at a 90° angle. 


good game! minor nitpick: [cb] one two three should definitely be [bp] i think

im suck on the level where there is 5 purple blocks and 1 white one and the white is on the left side and the purple are on the right and i can move one purple up only and one i can move anyweare


I beat the whole game, so I wanted to give you an idea that would be cool.

For two different non-purple boxes linking each-other, you could make the laser showing the link a combinaison of their regular ones.

Example : for the chain box with the bridge box, it makes a cyan chain, and for the tele box with the bridge box, it makes the shape of the tele laser more straight or something, with of course the cyan tint.


Thats a great idea! It would make the gimmicks read a lot better too!


Video games.


just beat the game, very fun hope there will be more


This is really cool! There are lots of cool ideas and some really satisfying puzzles/aha moments. I think games of this length run into the problem of just how linear puzzlescript can be, but the level select at least removes some of the friction there. But that's only because there are enough ideas and interactions here to sustain a larger, less linear game.

Anyway, I've now solved everything except Monorail (which feels like it might be beyond me!) and Glass Cases (which I can see how to solve, just not how to execute the solution for now)

Excited to see how it develops from here :)


Thank you so much! I agree with you completely with the linearity of puzzlescript, but I plan on moving this game to a new engine and making a complete version so then I can create more of an open world!